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Trek Fest

Every year my wife and I set ourselves challenges that we are to complete, either for fun or to raise money for charity. This gives us something to aim and train for and each year.

This year’s challenge is called TrekFest…a 54 mile trek to be completed in 24 hours starting at 9am on Saturday 7th June and to be finished before 9am Sunday 8th June. When you sign up for TrekFest you are signing up to take on the ultimate UK charity challenge in some of the most stunning environments the UK has to offer. We have chosen to do our trek through the Brecon Beacons, Wales and you can also choose The Peak District.

TrekFest promise to “deliver an emotional, fun and life-changing experience - and we will discover another side of ourselves while raising money and awareness for any charity that we choose”. We have chosen to raise money for Bolton Hospice. We do have a giving page and I will be posting all of our photos on my Facebook page through-out the challenge if you want to see how we are doing.

Setting yourself realistic and specific targets is a great way to keep you motivated and will help keep you on track with your training. Losing weight is a goal, but you have to be more specific…how much do you want to lose and by when? “I want bigger muscles”, ok which muscles and how long do you want to train those muscles for? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before trying to start a training regime, otherwise not being more realistic and specific will lead to you dropping off and not hitting your targets.

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