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Client Testimonials

Sara recently took a group of us for private coaching in Pilates whilst our previous teacher was on maternity leave. I couldn’t recommend her classes enough. She really knows her stuff, provided variety in her teaching and really pushed us to the best of our abilities. I thoroughly enjoyed Sara’s classes and will definitely be back for more!


Chris and Sara make a fantastic team, they’re both incredibly welcoming and make getting fit much less daunting. They work you hard but with a sense of humour and energy that makes every session enjoyable. The mums and babies sessions are particularly great as it makes working out with kids possible. The kids have a great time too and Chris and Sara are always happy to hold a baby to settle them whilst you work out. I’m blown away by how much fitter they have helped me become!


Good relaxed atmosphere for training in groups especially a brilliant baby boot camp which me and my little boy love ! and also nice and relaxed atmosphere in personal training sessions. Reasonable prices for weekly or monthly passes. Variety of classes on all week every week! I love it 💪🏽👍🏼


Amazing fitness with two amazing people Sara & Chris 😊 All my family loves & enjoys your fitness CLASSES. Mums & babies, Pilates, kids bootcamp, adults bootcamp 🤩 You guys are doing brilliant job, and I am always looking forward to my next workout 💪👍


I started going to the classes for mums and babies, it’s a great idea. Children have a lots of toys to play with ( maybe more than home :-) haha). Chris always prepares for every lesson different exercises and that’s make it more interesting every time. If someone will have a problem with some of them, he will alternate it immediately for them! That’s great I think. From new year I joined at pilates classes with Sara, that’s great and I enjoy every week combination of pilates & fitness only for £10 per week! Well done Chris & Sara, you do amazing job! 


I have been attending Mum & Baby boot camp for over 2 years now. I started when my son was 6 weeks old. I have definitely found my fitness and strength improve and really enjoy the classes. There are toys to keep the kids entertained as well! I’ve also had personal training when the Christmas indulgence got the better of me. Can’t recommend enough!!!!!


Just started doing the mums class on a friday morning and loving it. Chris mixes the circuit up each week so its never the same; short but effective exercises. Highly recommend this class, everyone is friendly so no need to feel awkward if you're on your own (like me!)


Me and my partner joined for something to do together as we go away in 2 weeks and have been quite lazy.....We’ve been going for 4 weeks now and was really apprehensive but we didn’t need to be as Sara and Chris are the nicest people and are really helpful and patient, I am now hooked and dont like missing a session, as hard as it is at the time i love it


I have been going to Mums & babies fitness class for near enough 3years & we love it! My little girl loves to join in!.. Both Chris & Sara are just lovely, they not only provide you with a fab workout but take the time to get to know you & your little ones..Everyone who attends are lovely, there are no egos & you work at your own pace. I'd highly recommend this class! 👍💪


After a shoulder operation I wasn't able to do very much and I gained a lot of weight picking up a lot of bad habits.
I saw a couple of friends talking about bootcamp on social media and decided to give it a try.
The class was challenging but Chris adapted some of the exercises so I could build strength and improve mobility in my shoulder.
Each class has been different which makes it fun and keeps the interest going. We work individually, in pairs, in teams or all together.
In the last 6 months I've built up good core strength and along with good diet choices have lost a stone in weight, toned up and have gained full movement in a previously frozen shoulder.




Chris's mum and baby fitness classes have been a God send for me and I'm sure for a lot of new mums. There aren't many fitness instructors who will allow mums to bring their babies, nevermind help to look after them during the session (i have twins so any help is greatly appreciated). For mums, it's great as we get to improve our fitness and work on losing the baby weight without having to get a babysitter. For me personally I've lost 2 stone since starting the classes and have increased my strength and toning. It's not easy to motivate ourselves to get out to classes when we have a new baby but I encourage new mums to come and give it a go. Not only do you get fit and lose weight but you can make friends too.


I started using Chris just over 5 months ago after not exercising for several years after having a family. His programmes are varied, inventive, challenging and most importantly fun! He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. Chris is professional and engaging and will structure a programme to achieve your individual goals. I've definitely seen the benefits of training with Chris.



I have only done 3 sessions with the mum and baby group at Bramah fitness but I absolutely love it. I was initially very daunted about joining as my fitness levels were not brilliant but Chris and Sara tailor the workout to meet your needs which is a huge bonus. My muscles let me know that the exercise I'm doing is working....particularly the day after the class but that's how I know that I am being pushed to do my best. I would highly recommend Bramah Fitness


I've never been a fan of going to the gym so I wanted some 1 to 1 personal training sessions to get me started. My self confidence was pretty low because I have never been fit or strong but after a few sessions with Chris I could see improvements. I continue to have 1 to 1 sessions, and get to any circuit classes i can because they are great fun and are always different. I could tell after 1 session his knowledge and understanding was excellent and I continue to make progress with his help. Instead of fearing exercise I now look forward to it



"I was looking to keep fit during my pregnancy and so I started
personal training with Chris in the early stages of my pregnancy.  I
really enjoyed the workouts which were always varied and I found Chris very knowledgeable in what exercises I could do whilst pregnant which
put me at ease.
As a result I am now 32 weeks and have only put on the weight of the baby which is everything I could've hoped for.  This is in no small way down to Chris and his training sessions.  I fully intent to use him after the birth to get myself in shape again.  Thanks Chris!"



My partner Julie and I have been attending the Seniors class since Spring last year. We were immediately made welcome by the existing members and it's now an essential part of our weekly routine. The class is great fun and is as hard or easy as you make it, Chris also pays attention to any particular individual needs. We have people from their 50s to 70s, mostly ladies with the odd exception!  Julie and I have also been having PT sessions with Chris and have managed to lose over 3 stones between us and feel much better for it. Unfortunately Chris refuses to pay for the new smaller clothes we're having to buy!


Graham and Julie

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