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Over the weekend I was watching a house programme and what seemed to be quite common practice was people saying “I love to sit out here in the summer with a bottle of wine or a beer”. I was also speaking to a friend the other day about how nice the weather was and he said “the best place to be right now is the beer garden” and all I could think is absolutely not, let’s get out to the Lakes and get up the fells in fresh air!!

Summer is definitely on its way. This means BBQs will be out of the shed and the crates of beer and bottles of wine will be in the fridge ready, but what a lot of people don’t seem to realise is how many calories are in alcoholic drinks.

As a rough guide in one class of Prosecco (105ml) there’s 70 calories and in a bottle 500 calories that’s a quarter of a ladies daily calorie allowance and potentially a 30-40 minute workout. If you like to enjoy a bottle of red with a meal this serves up 125 calories per glass and for those that like a beer a 350ml can or bottle is around 155 calories. This might not sound much but typically these are all extra calories on top of your daily amount and if you have these on a regular basis all these calories just store as fat around your waist line!!

Not only this, but as most of us will have found out at some point in our lives, (some a lot more than others) is that when you have something alcoholic you tend to eat more too and this isn’t typically more salad or fruit. This could be a kebab, pizza, chips or even just slices of toast at home all of which again are extra unnecessary calories, which if you are striving to achieve that summer body will just stop you from getting there.

As I always say to every personal training client, if you like to have a drink then that’s fine but this must be limited to once a week maximum and be very conscious of how many you are having and what you are having extra with these drinks. If you feel you do maybe drink abit more than you should, make a food and drink diary over 2 weeks. Be as honest as you possibly can, logging everything that you eat and drink and it may surprise you how many extra sneaky calories you are having.

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