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Training at home

As a personal trainer, I obviously train people in gyms but my biggest client base is training people in their own home. A lot of people feel much more comfortable and can relax more in their own space, without all the “gym bunnies” watching them whilst they train. It can also be a lot more fun and other family members can join in. It can also be great for those with children. Some couples like to train together but can’t as normally one of them has to stay at home with the kids or new mum’s struggle to fit any training in and so I just go to them and fit the sessions around nap and feeding times.

“I don’t have enough space” is the first thing people normally say to me!! Well yes they/you do. As we have all experienced the weather hasn’t been the best over recent months and so alot the PT I would normally do out in people’s gardens has been indoors. I regularly use the living room or conservatories which is fine for a good high intensity workout, using body weight and some small pieces of equipment. Gardens and garages are also perfect spaces and I take different pieces of equipment with me, ranging from battle ropes, kettle bells and dumb bells to make sure you have a great workout.

The next excuse I can hear is, “I don’t have any equipment”. Well you don’t need any. Your body weight is one of the best pieces of equipment you can use. You can get an amazing workout without moving from the spot mixing up exercises like push ups, squats, mountain climbers and burpees.

If you do want to invest in abit of equipment, then look for dumb bells, resistance bands, gym balls and a mat and then just be as creative as you can be and make every session abit different to the last by changing the exercises, reps, rests and sets. You can also put in short runs, like round the block or up and down the street to really mix it up with some cardio exercise.

No matter how small the space you have, and how much or little equipment you own you can always do something. You just have to use your imagination and be prepared to work hard to hit your targets.

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