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Winter training

Winter isn’t a time most of us look forward to, especially when it comes to training, but don’t use it as an excuse to stop exercising.

A sprinkling of snow on the ground certainly isn’t going to motivate you to train hard and, to make matters worse, it’s recently been found that training in the cold doesn’t actually burn more calories as once thought.

Unfortunately, putting in the hard work in the colder months helps to build the figure and physique that we are so desperate to have on show in the summer months. You just have to set yourself smart, achievable goals now and beat all the ever-present mental obstacles that will come your way.

Trying to convince yourself to get out of your warm comfy bed in a morning to train can feel like the hardest thing in the world sometimes. However, if looking lean is your goal, training in the morning is the perfect time to burn off fat, 67% more fat will be used when exercising in the morning compared to doing the same workout in the afternoon. A little tip that should make you jump out of bed, is grab abit of excess fat in a place you most want to lose it as a reminder of why you are up so early to train.

In addition to piling on the pounds, slowing down physically can have the unwanted side effect of bringing you down psychologically. At a time when the weather is lowering our spirits we need to take practical measures to stay active and happy. Working out in Winter can help fight low self-esteem, depression and lack of motivation, as being out in the fresh air and oxygenating your body, produces mood boosting hormones, relieving depression and the winter blues, and helps keep your senses sharp and mind invigorated.

We all like to be outside when the sun is shining with a warm gentle breeze, but being outdoors when the winds blowing, rains pouring and even snow is coming down is a new challenge and can be just as much fun! If you’re hot and pumped you won’t even notice the weather around you, and I guarantee at the end of a session you will be feeling energised and completely awake when you have sweated your way through a fresh winter workout.

If you’re still struggling for motivation, try one of my indoor classes so there is no wind, snow or rain to put you off and even give me a ring to try some personal training out to give you a motivational boost. Whilst everyone is then lounging around feeling lethargic and miserable, you will be bouncing around looking and feeling great!

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