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Eating for your new baby

After you have given birth you need to keep your diet as nutritious and varied as possible by making sure you include enough food from each food group (fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals). Being a Dad, I know how little time there can be in a day but you should never skip meals, even having cereal type bars in your bag is better than having nothing!

When breast feeding, you should never try out any form of “diet” as this will lead to you and your baby feeling exhausted and lacking in nourishment. Your waist line will return back to normal over the coming weeks and months with good nutrition and getting back into fitness or trying out my award winning mum’s and baby specific fitness classes.

Your calorie intake shouldn’t really need to increase though unless you are breastfeeding, as your body priorities the baby’s milk with its nutrients. Unless you eat enough, it will be you that’s lacking in nourishment.

Another very important aspect of your diet is fluid intake. Like before you was pregnant, you should be aiming to drink around 2 litres (3 ½ pints) per day. If you are breast feeding, keep a jug of water around so you can sip whilst feeding, and make it cold as a hot drink next to a baby isn’t a great idea. Lack of fluids can make you feel tired and ratty and those are the last things you want when you’re already short on sleep.

With regards to a brew, whilst breast feeding try to stay away from too much caffeine as this can lead to your baby staying awake. It can also make you feel a bit more stressed and keep you awake when you don’t need it. If you drink alcohol, even just little bits, some will be passed onto your baby if you are breast feeding so my advice would be to not drink at all. If you want to drink on special occasions, express your milk first.

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