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Struggling to get up and train in the morning or use the excuse that it’s too dark and cold at night? You’re not the only person at this time of year! It can be very hard to stay motivated in the cold, wet winter months but the main thing that will help to keep you on track is changing your mindset. You have two things to keep in mind, your goal/target and the overall positive effects that your training is having on your body.Setting yourself realistic goals is the perfect way to stay focused and motivated. This summer you could be off on a beach holiday and want to look the best you have ever looked in your swimwear. If this is the case, find a picture or even buy the swimwear now and have it up in the house as a permanent reminder of what you want to achieve. Another great tool is writing down all the benefits that exercise is having on your body and sticking it up in the house and when you are feeling flat, read it and remember why you are doing it. If you still can’t manage to be motivated to train then it’s time to invest in a personal trainer. We are the masters of motivation and won’t let the excuse of being tired or it being too cold stop you from hitting your targets. If you can’t afford a PT then join indoor classes. I have a number of classes each week, they are all indoors so no excuses that it’s dark, cold or wet and they will leave you drenched in sweat, NOT rain!!!

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