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Train to cope with your daily tasks

If you're looking at starting an effective fitness routine that produces noticeable, lasting results, you should familiarise yourself with one type of training which is getting more and more popular in the fitness world. Functional training is a variety of exercises and equipment that help allow you to perform daily activities more easily.

The benefits of functional training are huge, and you can pretty much achieve anything you want when training this way. By using a variety of functional kit including kettle bells, sand bags or even truck tyres and selecting the right exercises, the majority of your major health and fitness goals can be achieved. These could include burning calories and stripping away fat, getting an intense cardiovascular workout, train for sport specific fitness or even just to make your sessions a bit more exciting!

I personally love functional training and this is how I train all my clients, from the 18 year old tennis player wanting to improve his game to the 80 year old lady wanting to make her daily life a little bit easier. It’s great fun and it really pushes you both physically and mentally.

I hope to see more and more people using functional training in the future as they realise the huge benefits of training this way and that fixed path weight machines are so boring.

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